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heart1The plot

There are four stories freely adapted from the novel of the same name by Edmondo De Amicis and transposed into a modern key. The dominating characters of the four stories are children aged twelve to thirteen placed in a period which includes the  First World War, the Resistance period of the Second World War and two other moments taken from the daily news of our day.The four children represent a moment of great human sacrifice for they become capable of shouldering great responsibility as far as life and its conflicts are concerned, even to the extent of sacrificing their lives for it. Here are four examples of Life in which love and devotion to one’s neighbor reach heights of absolute purity ; nothing is asked in return : instead one throws oneself into the danger without a single thought for oneself, the only important thing being to defend others. Four episode in which children live and die before the astonished eyes of the adults. So through their action, they stir up a feeling of emotion and love which modern man believes he has forgotten in modern history.

First Episode : Young Blood - Second Episode : The Sardinian Drummer.

Third Episode : The Little Look-out - Fourth Episode : The Nurse of the Father


Romano Scavolini (Writer & Director)

Produced by Romano Scavolini and Armando Bertuccioli.

Lido Cinematografica - 1973

Director of Photography : Romano Scavolini

starring: Renato Cestiè, Domenico Santoro, Duilio Cruciani,

Guerrino Casamonica, Davide Mastrogiovanni, Maria Cumani Quasimodo, Alessandra Sepe, Bruno Boschetti, Carla Mancini.

Music : Carlo Savina.

Color by Telecolor