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dogtag1The Plot

A crack Marine squad is sent on a suicide commando mission behind enemy lines to rescue prisoners of war ; after recovering the p.o.w.’s and marching to the helicopter pick-up point no on is there to fly them back to base. Their commando instructs them to rendezvous instead at the crash site of a South Vietnamese helicopter. The chopper went down in a river miles away. Their mission is to retrieve vital documents. After heavy casualties they reach the chopper. They find no vital documents in the cases ; but instead find gold ! Cecil and his survivors decide to fight for their own destiny and take the gold for themselves.


(Romano Scavolini:Writer, Director

& Associate Producer)

Produced by Alain Adam and Dalu Jones

Clive Wood, Baird Stafford,
Robert Haufrecht,
James Gaines, Mike Monty.

Director of Photography : Jhon Mc Callum

Original Score by Jhon Scott

Filmed in Panavision Wide Screen - Dolby Stereo

World Premiere at Singapore


Int. Film Festival