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night1".. a fearful film” ( Daily Star) 
“90 minuets of total terror...” (Variety)

The dream you can’t escape alive...!”

“NIGHTMARE has been hailed as the American Cult Terror Film of 1882. It begins with a very bloody NIGHTMARE that triggers George Tatum’s journey into madness and an axe-swinging insanity that doesn’t stop for 90 minutes....”

“A terrifying look inside the mind of a possessed psychopathic killer|. Contains sexual situations and scenes of explicit horror not suitable for children....”

“Not for the faint-hearted, NIGHTMARE is a very terrifying film that explores the violent, twisted workings of the mind of an uncontrollable psychopathic murderer....”

“Maybe the goriest, bloodiest thriller-chillier yet with a homicidal maniac doubling with gruesome acts...Among the goose-pimple classic-horrors like “Friday the 13th” - “Down of the Dead” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (Archer Winsten, N.Y. Post) 

“The most gory and horrifying movie ever made” (Bill Carlton, Daily News)

“Graphically convincing depiction of murders and, mayhem combine with numerous sexual situations to make this film a thriller you won’t want to watch just before bedtime.” (N.Y. Times)

The plot

Upon his mistaken release from a mental Hospital, George Tatum embarks on an odyssey that begins in Times Square’s porn palaces. He is continually tormented by a bloody gruesome and explicit nightmare of the axe-murder and decapitation of a love-making couple by a young boy. Its compulsive force drives George to head south. In Daytona beach, Florida, a baby-sitter has her hands full with three children whose divorced mother is off with her new boyfriend. One of  the children, a boy named C.J. is always up to some prank or another. He relishes in scaring his baby-sitter as well as his mother. Having “cried wolf” once too often, C.J.’s warning go unheeded when he tells of a “strange man” lurking around the house. A series of mysterious phone calls ensues, and soon the bloodbaths begin.


 (Romano Scavolini: Writer, Director & Associated Producer)

Goldmine Production 1982

Starring: Baird Stafford, C.J. Cooke, Mik Gribben, Sharom Smith, Kathleen Fergusson.

Special Effects Director: Tom Savini

Music: Jack Eric Williams.

Produced by Jhon L. Watkins

Executive Producer: David Jones