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BlindF10“A silent film with only a quotation from Beckett off-screen at the critical moment ; a film of behavior, at the end of which the protagonist one Sunday afternoon starts shooting at a crowd of people heading toward the stadium. It cost nineteen thousand dollars and was well received at the Pesaro New Cinema in 1966. It was censured and rejected by four boards of censors and categorically by the Council of State on charge of blasphemy, pornography and irrational violence and finally was spirited out of Italy in a diplomatic  pouch  to be shown to enthusiastic audience in all Europe. BLIND-MAN’S BUFF was never commercially projected. It is an hectic film not to be liked by the grand public”.

“It is the first all-filmic, all-musical film from modern Italy constructed like a musical composition, moving in movements like a sonata, broken up into chords like variations on a theme, and finally expressive primarily through the images it stimulates in the mind, it is essentially a cry of anguish in a world of emotional voids, a cry of solitude.” (Gideon Backmann)


(Romano Scavolini Writer & Director)

Produced by ENZO NASSO - 1966

Starring : Carlo Cecchi, Laura Troschel, Joseph Valdambrini, Ciro Moglioni, Emiliano Tolve, Remo Remotti.

Directors of Photography : Romano Scavolini - Roberto Nasso - Mario Masini - Cesare Ferzi.

Edited by Romano Scavolini and Mauro Contini

Electronic Music : Vittorio Gelmetti

Premiere at Pesaro Independent Films Festival - Carlovy Vary Film Festival - Berlin Int. Film Festival - Moscow Int. Film Festival


val - San Francisco Film Festival- etc.