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Spirit7The plot

In the ’40 Marialè is an eight year old girl. Powerless, she witnesses the death of her mother and of her young lover, both killed in cool blood by her father. Years have passed and Marialè has married a young nobleman who keeps her almost captive in an old estate forbidding her to take part in society’s life. A sort of love-and-hate relationship has developed  between the two characters. One day Marialè decides to put an end to her seclusion ; she eludes her husband’s and the butler watchful vigilance, breaks the phone’s padlock and sends several telegrams inviting friends for a evening at her home. As absurd as it may seems, Marialè intends to reconstruct, thanks to her guests, the tragedy she lived several years before. She wants to prove that in everyone of us exist two distinct entities. When Paolo, Marialè’s husband fully understands the situation is too late. The evening has already become a terrible and bloody debauch.


Produced by KMG - 1972

Directed by Romano Scavolini

Director of Photography: Romano Scavolini.

Starring: Evelyn Stewart, Luigi Pistilli, Ivan Rassimov, Pilar Velazquez, Edilio Kim, Gianni Dei, Giancarlo Bonuglia, Ezio Marano, Shawn Robinson.

Written by Giuseppe Mangione e Remigio Del Grosso

Music: Fiorenzo Carpi